A Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream- Gone Wrong!

A Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream- Gone Wrong!

With the US election approaching right around the corner, the entire world is enthusiastically waiting to witness the historic victory of either the first female president of America or the first TV-host-and-a-billionaire-businessman-turning-politician taking the throne.

Wait. The last line reminded me of a meme gone viral on one of the social media platforms.
It went something like this- there were the images of Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton from Game Of Thrones and asked you to vote for one of them for the Iron Throne.

Is it this bad?

I am not an expert in politics. But I would love to provide my two penny on this topic. Residing away from USA, I can tell you one thing- no matter where you live, in which continent and in which planet, the vibe is spreading like wildfire! Why is the entire universe so keen on this specific election? Did we feel the same when the Americans elected the first ever black president?

I remember getting all hyped up about it. Of course, similar to every time, there were two groups supporting and opposing the idea of a black man ruling a country like America. But this election is different.

What instigated me to write this article is that three days ago, I read that according to ABC News polls, Donald Trump took one-point lead over Hillary Clinton. I was not surprised to see this result. Rather, I was interested to see what just happened.

The Starting Point

It all started with the FBI investigation on the Hillary related emails. Naturally, Hillary’s campaign’s fighting off all the allegations against her, especially with the election knocking at the door. Donald has successfully seized this opportunity and is utilising it in the best possible manner. But how long will he stay ahead in the poll? That, my dear friends, we shall see on the 8th of November.

There was another news that caught my attention. According to a further poll done by ABC News, Donald is considered to be more ‘honest’ and ‘trustworthy’ than Hillary.

You got to be kidding me!

(PS- Latest polls show Hillary is back in the lead).

The Reasons

Unfortunately, no. There are certain reasons behind why certain groups of Americans think Trump can be trusted and is more honest than Clinton. If you analyse Trump’s speech (ANY speech) you will find more than 50% of what he says are lies. Then?

It is the way he delivers his speeches. Politics is all about perception. No matter how much you lie, if you are confident and brutally deliver your lies, people will buy you. Donald is confident, loud and brash. Does he really care about winning this election? Not sure, but one thing is for sure- he is definitely enjoying his limelight. He has nothing to lose. He was never serious about politics. He can say whatever he wants to- the difference is the way he is delivering- this matters the most.

Meanwhile, Hillary is calculative, self-conscience and is constantly building self-defence around her. She has been involved in politics for a long time. If compared to Donald, she actually cares about politics. And on top of that, she is having a hard time handling the FBI issues. She doesn’t want to lose vote. Every vote matters for her. This is why she is persistently calculating her words, her approach and her style. She wants to impress hard.

Many Americans are highlighting this approach in a negative manner. They want to see someone on the throne who is confident, loud and (even doesn’t know the facts) knows how to boldly move forward.

What We Understand

The facts are turbulently disturbing. There are pros and cons for either one of them. Unfortunately, none of the candidates are the ideal. If one wins, America’s going to be the laughing stock. If another wins, there’ll be some serious international conflicts between America and many countries. The first name that comes up is Russia.

Well, it’s all a matter of time now. Polls fluctuate all the time. You never know who will win- you may guess right, you may guess wrong. But one thing is guaranteed for sure- A Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream can go horribly wrong this time!

Whoever wins this election, we wish you all the best. May the Force be with you!

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